Symptoms of Trauma

Trauma is not always easy to diagnose so symptoms are key to understand

We treat the long lasting emotional and psychological effects of trauma, which have arisen either as a result of single incident or repeated childhood developmental trauma and which are at the root of many mental health problems and behavioural disorders.

Symptoms of trauma can include:

Khiron House was the UK’s first dedicated facility to treat trauma and the deep-seated emotional and psychological disturbances which may underlie some mental health conditions and we offer both residential and outpatient care led by a team of highly trained and skilled therapists, practitioners and support staff.

Recent advances in research relating to anatomy, neuroscience and brain imaging have led to a different understanding of ‘mental health’ conditions. We now comprehend that an unfinished biological response to a previously stressful, or threatening, incident leaves a residual disturbance in the body, specifically in the sympathetic nervous system. At Khiron House we work to complete unfinished stress cycles, thus freeing up the nervous system to regulate normally. We also help to address any compensatory behaviour that people may have developed in an effort to regulate their systems.

Historically, patients with trauma report having been retriggered by therapies that encouraged them to relive traumatic events. The new modalities, offered by Khiron House, work to regulate overactivity and restore emotional and psychological balance, without retriggering the nervous system.