Our Professionals

Khiron House has a strong clinical leadership team supported by world-class advisers and a robust corporate and clinical governance structure

Professor Rex Haigh

Rex HaighProfessor Rex Haigh is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrist and an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist who has been fascinated by therapeutic communities since learning his psychiatry in one, as an Oxford medical student. His professional background is general practice, psychiatry, psychotherapy and group analysis. He has been an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist since 1994 and worked with the Department of Health as Clinical Advisor for the National Personality Disorder Programme. Rex is the Honorary Professor of Therapeutic Environments and Relational Health in Nottingham University’s School of Sociology and Social Policy and leads the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Enabling Environments project. He is the chair of The Growing Better Lives social enterprise, which won the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2014 Sustainability Award, and is part of the Institute of Mental Health’s Social Futures Centre as an Integrated Research Group. Rex is the Medical Director of Khiron Clinics, a non-executive member of the Board of Directors, and the Chair of the Clinical Governance Board.

Mary MacCallum Sullivan

maryMary is an senior UK psychotherapist, registered with the UKCP and a COSCA accredited trainer, who specialises in organisational dynamics in the field of talking therapy. She is a former Acting Academic Head of the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology at Regent’s College and a former Honorary Secretary of the UKCP. She is an expert in the organisational frame in mental health and supervises Khiron House’s overall frame management and development. Mary is a member of the Clinical Governance Board.

Prahlad Ilex Galbiati

Prahlad GalbiatiPrahlad is a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Drawing from his background in spiritual development, meditation an orientation to wholeness are an intrinsic aspect of his work. Over the last twelve years he has supported people with a variety of conditions including chronic disease, abuse, addiction and terminal illness. He is registered with the Craniosacral Association and is the Clinical Director of Khiron Clinics.

Maren Masino

Maren is an American Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, with a background in Addictions Treatment, Eating Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, PTSD, and Attachment-related injuries. She has her M.S. in Clinical and Counselling Psychology and a B.A. in Theatre. Maren has previously worked at many clinics in the United States as a Primary Therapist and Program Director. She strives to deliver a personalized, hybrid approach to therapy, utilizing and drawing from: IFS, Sensorimotor and Somatic therapies, Mindfulness, the Comprehensive Resource Model, Psychodrama, Theatre, animals, play, and Structural Dissociation. In Los Angeles, she created a trauma-informed Wolf Therapy program for Adults, which used the power of connection with others and self to facilitate healing. Maren is a Consultant to Khiron Clinics.

Benjamin Fry

Benjamin FryBenjamin is a psychotherapist, accredited by the BACP, who contributes to the media in the UK and is politically active in lobbying for better access to better treatment for all sections of society, working with the Centre for Social Justice and through Khiron House’s social enterprise Get Stable. He set up Khiron House after experiencing serious mental illness in 2009 and not receiving effective treatment for it in the UK. He is the Founder of Khiron House and the non-executive Chair of the Board of Directors.

Romana Akram

Romana AkramRomana Akram is the Managing Director of Khiron House. She is based at the residential clinic. Prior to joining the Khiron House team she worked in a residential setting, caring for the elderly, and then she joined a publishing firm as a business systems coordinator. Romana has a special interest in implementing new procedures to maximise efficiency and is studying for an MBA. Romana is a member of the Board of Directors.