Our Client Testimonials and Reviews

Audio testimonials were recorded and edited by our own staff with the informed consent of the participants

Written testimonials for Khiron House were unsolicited, have been anonymised and can be verified on request

“Thank you from the bottom of my grounded feet!  Please keep doing your amazing work.  You all are changing people's lives for the better.

Rachel, 49, Yorkshire

“When I look back at this time last year it is so good to see my progress. I still have to keep working hard at it but I am truly so grateful for the moments I get now of some inner peace.

Charlotte, 34, Devon

“I don’t know where I can begin, words will never do it justice how much of a gift you are and have given me. I feel like you are a miracle sent to me. Thank you for all the support, guidance and love you have given me. I really have learnt so much from you, I will carry it all in my heart and use the tools you have given me.

Erica, 34, Kent

“My heart and soul have been mended back together and some of those mending-threads, I believe, were put there by you. Thank you for, time and time again, receiving me just as I was, without judgement.

Daphne, 29, Leeds

“Thank you for your empathy, your kindness and your wonderful clinic. You are making a difference in the world. Keep up the great work.

Robert, 32, Essex

“You were so gentle and kind, I felt like finally someone can help. All the work I’ve done with you has such a profound effect on me and I’m looking forward to living mindfully and with an open heart…”

Sarah, 52, Devon

“Thank you for all your love & support over the past 7.5 months. I have learnt so much from you... and most importantly of all taking care of myself. I know life is a journey but at least now it’s one I’m excited about.

Rachel, 27, Wimbledon

“Once again thank you so very much for all your care, wisdom, perseverance, kindness and expertise. I feel lucky to be one of the few who get a chance to heal too…

Martha, 29, London

“Thank you for the part you have played in my restoration to health and happiness, it gets stronger and better with each day for me.

Amanda, 36, Wiltshire

“Thank you for literally offering me a glimpse of the gift of life, and carrying me through tough times even now when I don't see you.

Janice, 44, Ayelsbury

“I'm not even coping or surviving anymore... I am living!  I can now love myself with honesty and gratitude.

Tracey, 29, Bournemouth

“I just found myself thinking thoughts of such gratitude for Khiron House...So thank you, once again, for your work in setting it up and all you're doing.

Mary, 47, Oregon

“I would like to take the opportunity to say how incredibly impressed I am by the Khiron House set up. It simply is world class. I feel supported, held and safe.

Trevor, 37, London

“My time at KH was definitely helpful and has given me more insight. It definitely appears to have helped with my long-term levels of distress and anxiety, massively helpful and I can't thank you enough...I learnt I have no psychiatric illness, including depressive disorder.

Mark, 39, Surrey

“Finally, I experienced the sensation of "happiness".  Anyway, I asked around and sure enough, I can say, I now know what happiness feels like. While this feeling fluctuates, it's now a constant in my life. So one again, i am forever grateful to you and your team for believing in the healing process and believing in me.

Annabeth, 39, Fulham

“With heartfelt gratitude to every single person involved, and to Benjamin, without whose suffering and healing I wouldn’t have found the place (through his book) nor would there have been a place to find, without your initiative. May it go from strength to strength.

Lucy, 41, Washington

“The transformation from pain to peach and despair to hope you can offer someone who is truly willing is astounding and amazing. I feel incredibly lucky and privileged.

Rachel, 33, Shropshire

“I truly appreciate all you did to help me during my time here. You're a wonderful therapist and an even better person.

Tracy, 27, Hampshire

“I am so thankful that i came here and can experience such a unique and different type of therapy.

Joanna, 39, London

“I am sincerely grateful for your support, guidance and time these past months. You have helped me so much.

Eric, 28, Bordeaux

“I have been very blessed to have the chance to turn my life around. It is a good package and i have taken advantage of all the activities to help me on the road to recovery.

Anabel, 56, Highgate

“The cottage as a 'half-way' house is a fantastic idea and has helped to really push things further whilst still learning. Thank you.

Sandra, 32, Portsmouth

“I could not have asked for better therapy - across the board. You have some truly talented and incredible people working here.

Sandra, 32, Portsmouth

“Whereas, at the time it seemed that Khiron House was not working for me, in fact it gave me the spring board I needed. I have not had an anxiety attack since leaving last December. I felt cared for and looked after.

Edward, 37, Hampshire

“This time last year, I started my treatment for ptsd @khironhouse. It saved my life and gave me answers. #grateful pic.twitter.com/whBYi56Afl

Donbie @Ptsdrecovery1

“I visited the new Khiron House last month for a morning group to share my experiences. What a wonderful, nurturing, safe and calming environment you and the others have created.

Billy, 32, London

“I want to show my appreciation and respect for what you have done and how Khiron House has literally given me my life.

Billy, 32, London

“Today I feel strong, adult and happy. Life is a practice and discipline that I continue to practice, relationships are still a scary prospect and I can truly say if it wasn't for the insightful, in depth and carefully nuanced understanding of trauma at Khiron House I would not be alive today.

Billy, 32, London

“Khiron House taught me so much about 'living in the moment' and the practices of 'Co-dependency' that has really helped me get the right balance in life, and to look after my needs far more, without the anxiety of feeling as though I'm letting anyone else down.

Anna, 34, London

“I was very reassured to find that Khiron House could offer therapies to relax my nervous system so that I could feel at ease, and slowly re-integrate back into life again.

Anna, 34, London

“I am doing very well and am deeply thankful for all you and Khiron House did for me.

Amanda, 34, London

“Your therapist was exceptional in every way, compassion, packing in what was needed, flexible and most of all an excellent therapist. I am very grateful he has helped me enormously.

Jason, 32, London

“The staff at Khiron House are superb, and I found the structure there really worked. I just can’t praise them or the work they do there highly enough. I feel unbelievably privileged to have spent 3 months there and to have begun my recovery in the hands of such experts.

Marie, 46, Sussex

“I found Khiron House the perfect balance of relaxed introduction to real life and a safe house for trauma.

Bob, 36, Shoreditch

“Khiron House was the most healing experience of my long and very tortured life.

Clarissa, 57, Dubai

“I knew within a few days of being at Khiron House that I had finally found the right place and the more I learnt, the more my life made sense. I knew that I was on the right path and in the right place with skilled and wise therapists.

Marie, 46, Sussex

“My experience has been life changing. The work I did in Khiron House has enabled me to find my true self to connect to life, people and most importantly myself.

Bob, 36, Shoreditch

“I credit my time at Khiron with helping me to understand and reframe my understanding of BPD in a much more self-loving way.

Bonnie, 40, Guildford

“Your team certainly understand “trauma” in a way not very many people and medical specialist do.

Joanna, 39, London

“If you have tried all the "normal" therapies be it, for example, cbt or traditional talking therapy and they have failed or even made you worse. I would say give khiron house a chance. Khiron house has totally changed my life for the better.

Penny, 36, Exeter

“I met with your therapist yesterday for my consultation. He understood my situation and made complete sense which has really helped me. Many thanks!

Johnny, 33, Weybridge

“On my journey only two people have given me the gift of life, my clinical specialist in pain and your therapist and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Jemma, 47, Bexley

“For 15 years I have lived with the trauma of an accident that has stolen 15 years of precious life and yesterday I was able to free myself, under the guidance of your therapist, to remember for the first time the actual trauma memory of that day.

Jemma, 47, Bexley

“You have helped me to breakdown old stuff that has been in me for so long I didn't even realise. Essentially being at KH gave me the space to literally 'work for my life'. The place is so very special as are the people in it.

Bob, 32, Middlesex

“Without the knowledge you gave me I think I would not have survived. Right now things are going really well and I think it would not have been like this had I not googled the phrase "what is wrong with me".

Sandra, 39, Australia

“After contacting you I did a lot of research on your Ben Fry Website and on the Khiron house website and I watched some YouTube video's of you helping others through Trauma. I then listened to 'How to be happy' CD's and I feel amazing after processing everything I have learned form your information. In short its changed my life to learn from you.

Rachel, 44, Lancashire

“Today it's a year since I went into Khiron House and I want to express my gratitude to you for the healing I found there. My healing and growth is continuing in leaps and bounds. All of it rests on the wonderful support and guidance I received from you guys and I'm eternally grateful for that.

Carys, 32, London

“Thank you for your support. When I met you I had no faith in the system, no faith in therapists [who are] all about the money etc... You changed my perception and have been an integral part to my improved life.

Joe, 24, Bristol

“Khiron House has meant that there is a profound improvement in my relationship with my husband where I am better able to express my feelings and set boundaries.

Gilly, 48, London

“The benefit that I've got is that I like myself better as a person and I've become a lot calmer. Life has become a lot easier.

Ryan, 28, Manchester

“My initial consultation with your therapist at Khiron House was a revelation because he seemed to be able to quickly point to the nub of the issue. I was quite astounded by his intuition and I really felt understood, probably for the first time in my life.

Gilly, 48, London

“Thank you to you and Khion House, both for encouraging me to go to the clinic in the first place and essentially for changing my life.

Jane, 39, Croydon

“I gained a lot of knowledge about me as a person from Khiron House and have been able to talk about problems which I've had bottled up for quite a long time.

Ryan, 28, Manchester

“Without the clinic, I would still be largely depressed and anxious, overwhelmingly sensitive and vulnerable to the thoughts and behaviours of others, and I would sadly still have debilitating levels of low self-esteem.

Jane, 39, Croydon

“...well-qualified and experienced therapists. My initial judgement of it is that it is a robust therapy programme.

NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Advisor, National Personality Disorder Programme

“The clinic afforded me both the physical and emotional space, and the expertise to start the truly life-changing work of building my true self.

Jane, 39, Croydon

“...mixed modality programme with clear theoretical coherence (as per NICE guidelines) and good structures for psychological containment; includes group therapy, art therapy, bioenergetics, EMDR and other relevant approaches.

NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Advisor, National Personality Disorder Programme

“I am in NO doubt that this would not have been possible if it wasn't for your continued support. Both you and your staff have always been on the other end of the phone or email

Joe, 24, Bristol

“I just felt I had to drop you a line to extend a HUGE thank you for the progress being made by John. I was at my witt's end when I persuaded him to come to you. It's fantastic to have our son back!

Gail, 59, Wrexham

“I cannot thank you enough and feel very fortunate to have met you. This is by no means the end of the road and or plain sailing from here but it is a platform and an opportunity, that can really help me fulfil my potential.

Joe, 24, Bristol

“To anyone thinking of coming to Khiron House, it can sometimes feel like quite a big step but it's really worth taking that step and trying it out.

Gilly, 48, London

“My advice to anyone thinking of treatment is to come to Khiron House because it has helped my life dramatically. It has made my life a 180 degree change from where I was to where I am now.

Ryan, 28, Manchester