Dan Siegel Workshop

An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and Resiliency

by Dr Dan Siegel


This event was recorded and is available for sale


Feedback for this event:

“Excellent input from all presenters. Really, inspiring and motivating. All my parts loved it!”

“Saturday was good. Sunday was excellent.”

“It was excellent, thank you.”

“Experiential segments on day 2 were great.”

“Dan Siegel was superb.”

“The workshop has given me a yet deeper understanding of how trauma work in severe cases are executed.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. I feel excited by what I have learnt (some of which is new to me) I am looking forward to integrate (the word at the weekend!) into my practice.”

“Thank you. The workshop was packed full of useful information. It has stimulated my curiosity to develop this area of working.”

“I thought it was quite excellent and I have learnt a lot.”

“Thank you for a fantastic w/end! I thought Dr Siegel was truly mesmerising and meeting the team on Sunday was a really nice experience.”

“I thought the entire training was of an impeccable standard.”

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