The Invisible Lion

Explaining Trauma in Plain English

by Benjamin Fry

Feedback from Benjamin’s last event:

“Great. Thank you.”

“Enjoyed very much. Exceeded my expectations.”

“Really well presented and informative as usual. Very much appreciated – all expectations met.”

“Excellent, informative thought provoking and inspiring, thank you so much. I will be using this both personally and professionally.”

“The presenter’s management of the diverse audience was skillful and this aspect of the workshop was an unexpected positive.”

“Enjoyed the weekend.”

“Friendly and safe experience.”

“Should have filmed and live streamed to reach more people. Basically FANTASTIC. Thank you so much.”

“Overall an excellent 2 days and outstanding value for money.”

“Thank you for an excellent 2 days – useful & thought provoking.”

“I enjoyed the mix if professionals and non-professionals. The practical exercises were valuable. Very good value for money. Relaxed pace gave plenty of time o assimilate ideas. Great Workshop!”

“Really liked the workshop style. The practical exercises worked well.”

“I really liked the talk then demonstrations – brilliant.”

“It was excellent. I loved it.”

“Positive experience, learnt some useful ways of considering trauma/understanding dysregualtion.”

“Great combination of teaching and activities learning/experimental.”