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Khiron House sponsors events to bring the most up-to-date global expertise to the UK for doctors and clinicians to continue their professional development in the field of trauma healing treatment.

  • Bessel van der Kolk

    Dr van de Kolk

    Trauma, Memory, and the Restoration of One’s Self by Dr Bessel van der Kolk

    This event was recorded and is available for sale on our Workshops DVDs page

    Feedback for this event:

    "Thank you organising such a wonderful conference, it was inspirational to see and hear Bessel, and also for you to sponsor it, so well done!"
    "Thank you so much for another fascinating workshop! Strong stuff this time,interestingly enough, Whether by choice or chance the sequence of workshops has been perfect inasmuch as it began gently with Jenina ,continued with a crescendo with Dan and then we had an explosion with Bessel. Very interesting and quirky delivery with a good dose of :"cut the crap" attitude on his part. Thank you for the opportunity to experience the brilliance of this man"
    "On the whole a brilliant workshop!"
    "It was a phenomenal workshop – thank you."
    "Excellent workshop – thank you."
    "More of the similar events please! Thank you for all your efforts."
    "Excellent workshop, the Khiron House staff very helpful. Like the fact it is being recorded, so much to take in!!"
    "Brilliant presentations open to researching out of the box."
    "No suggestions – it was just a treat! More yoga + Trauma Workshops please."
    "An excellent workshop!"
    "I found the workshop very informative adding to, and deepening my understanding of trauma."
    "Very helpful workshop overall, thank you."
    "Really inspiring material and very good to see Dr Bessel van der Kolk in person."

  • Stephen Porges

    Stephen Porges

    The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe: A Master Class on the Polyvagal Theory

    Feedback for this event was not collected

  • Allan Schore

    The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy by Allan Schore

    Feedback for this event

    “This was an excellent conference: well above expectation. Meals were delicious – good variety and presentation. Good support from staff.”
    “It was excellent – thank you.”
    “It was excellent.”
    “Brilliant – thank you.”
    “A wonderful 2 days. So informative.”
    “Please keep providing these vital workshops!”
    “It was excellent.”
    “Dr Schore’s affirming for transposal and child therapists is a great inspiration. Very skilled at taking on difficult questions or obvious questioning without shaming.” “Positive experience.”
    “Much better venue and organization than last workshop I attended – Dan Siegel.”
    “Just to say a big thank you for last Saturday’s workshop with Allan Schore, it really was excellent. Beautifully organised and such wonderful contents, I learnt so much – my head is still bulging.”

  • Janina Fisher

    Dr Janina Fisher

    Mistakes of the Heart: the Healing Power of Therapeutic Repair

    This event was recorded and is available for sale on our Workshops DVDs page

    Feedback for this event:

    “It was perfect in every way.”
    “I have learnt so much and absorbed the information. Janina’s presentation style made the days so enjoyable. So nice to be with a person who is willing to be herself. Brilliant!”
    “All extremely good and well done.”
    “Look forward to the next.”
    “Many thanks for a really excellent and valuable workshop.”
    “Great workshop as ever.”
    “Fantastic, humble and professionally presented. I love Janina now.”
    “A very satisfactory event. I really appreciate the fruit available during snack times. The presenter was amazing.”
    “Always wonderful to see Janina.”
    “It was wonderful. Thank you Janina.”
    “I enjoyed the workshop – well presented, good information, interesting speaker.”
    “An excellent venue; an excellent workshop.”
    “Unfortunately the venue ran out of peppermint tea. Almost unforgivable error of the heart. Venue and catering vast improvement on Columbia.”
    “Thoroughly enjoyed the whole 2 days – absolutely excellent. Can’t wait to attend the next one.”

  • Dan Siegel

    dr Dan Siegel

    An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and Resiliency by Dr Dan Siegel

    This event was recorded and is available for sale

    Feedback for this event:

    "Excellent input from all presenters. Really, inspiring and motivating. All my parts loved it!"
    "Saturday was good. Sunday was excellent."
    "It was excellent, thank you."
    "Experiential segments on day 2 were great."
    "Dan Siegel was superb."
    "The workshop has given me a yet deeper understanding of how trauma work in severe cases are executed."
    "I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. I feel excited by what I have learnt (some of which is new to me) I am looking forward to integrate (the word at the weekend!) into my practice."
    "Thank you. The workshop was packed full of useful information. It has stimulated my curiosity to develop this area of working."
    "I thought it was quite excellent and I have learnt a lot."
    "Thank you for a fantastic w/end! I thought Dr Siegel was truly mesmerising and meeting the team on Sunday was a really nice experience."
    "I thought the entire training was of an impeccable standard."
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  • Lisa Ferentz

    Lisa Ferentz

    Trauma, Attachment, Affect Dysregulation and Shame: Treating the Seeds and the Cycle of Self-Destructive Behaviors by Lisa Ferentz

    Feedback from this event:

    "Just the most wonderful workshop. Lisa is engaging, warm and I love the fact that she's so creative. The slides were perfect. I feel I've learnt so much for my clients but also lots about myself. Everything has been simple, effective and fun. Can't wait to go back and work with my clients."
    "It was a really wonderful experience to work with Lisa these past 2 days. I have gained both professionally and personally."
    "Wonderful workshop, full of useful and enlightened information."
    "Lisa is an accomplished speaker, coming from a deep place of warmth and humanity. Please bring her back as often as you can."
    "I found Lisa to be very, clear and interesting - I like her humor."
    "Brilliant venue. Delivery clear and interesting. Very interactive. Practical solutions. Thanks."
    "Really useful and informative, well presented, energetic and engaging."
    "An excellent workshop with insightful practical interventions and strategies."
    "Thank you so much for organising these workshops. Maybe you could find ways of bringing this kind of training into training institutions within the UK. Lisa taught with great variety, passion and knowledge - what a great combination! On top of that, she is so engaging, friendly and funny!"
    "Fantastic - inspiring and exciting, can't wait to take what I have learned into client work."
    "This has been an amazing learning experience for me. It helped me make sense of many things I have been thinking about and trying to do in my work. It has given me a framework to explain it to my clinical supervisor."
    "It was outstanding. Thank you Lisa, I really enjoyed and learned a lot from you."
    "Really excellent and informative workshop."
    "This has been the most informative training I have ever been on. Lisa engages you and allows you to fit comfortably into her world. My clients and I will greatly benefit from the 2 days."

  • Benjamin Fry

    Benjamin Fry

    The Invisible Lion
    Explaining Trauma in Plain English

    by Benjamin Fry

    "Great. Thank you."
    “Enjoyed very much. Exceeded my expectations."
    "Really well presented and informative as usual. Very much appreciated - all expectations met."
    "Excellent, informative thought provoking and inspiring, thank you so much. I will be using this both personally and professionally."
    "The presenter's management of the diverse audience was skillful and this aspect of the workshop was an unexpected positive."
    "Enjoyed the weekend."
    "Friendly and safe experience."
    "Should have filmed and live streamed to reach more people. Basically FANTASTIC. Thank you so much."
    "Overall an excellent 2 days and outstanding value for money."
    "Thank you for an excellent 2 days - useful & thought provoking."
    "I enjoyed the mix if professionals and non-professionals. The practical exercises were valuable. Very good value for money. Relaxed pace gave plenty of time o assimilate ideas. Great Workshop!"
    "Really liked the workshop style. The practical exercises worked well."
    "I really liked the talk then demonstrations - brilliant."
    "It was excellent. I loved it."
    "Positive experience, learnt some useful ways of considering trauma/understanding dysregualtion."
    "Great combination of teaching and activities learning/experimental."

  • DVDs

    Khiron House workshops are recorded by Whole Being Films who make high-quality DVDs of these exceptional speakers' events. You can read reviews of the events here and find purchasing information from Whole Being Films