Khiron House Outpatient Clinic

In our outpatient clinic in Harley Street, London, England we offer one-to-one therapy with our specialist trauma clinicians and also evening group therapy sessions.

harley streetWe offer ad-hoc treatment sessions as well as a defined 10 week trauma reduction programme, which can be repeated as necessary, and incorporates one-to-one sessions and access to all the recovery groups available at the London clinic. Clients may also choose to focus on ad-hoc one-to-one sessions without the group work, or indeed only attend the recovery groups.

We will endeavour to tailor precisely the right plan for each individual client and support you in finding the right path in your treatment.  We also offer written initial assessments after a one and a half hour consultation (for outpatient treatment) or a two hour consultation (for potential residential treatment) where clients can explore the best treatment options for their individual needs with a senior clinician.

Untreated trauma can distort our thinking, energy level, emotional responses, and our relationships with ourselves and others. Symptoms of untreated trauma may include anxiety, depression, addictions and other risk-taking behaviours, a sense of helplessness or hopelessness, obsession, compulsivity, panic, fear, irritability, guilt, shame, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, outbursts of rage or violence, poor sleep patterns, dissociation and withdrawal. Without treatment it can be very difficult to recover from these effects of unresolved trauma.