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Why would a father blow up his house with his sons inside?

by Benjamin Fry I read an article in The Times today and wondered what it must be like for fathers to be separated from their children and why is it often so painful and so difficult? One of the things that we all do as parents with our children, and that we’ve all experienced from […]

Launch of Khiron House

by Benjamin Fry We are very proud to launch Khiron House today. The clinic opens on 26th September. Information has been sent to the members of Benjamin Fry’s mailing list including a special introductory offer for the first six clients. Sign up to our mailing list if you would like priority information in future. Khiron […]

How I lost my mind and found my soul

The story behind why Benjamin set up Khiron House

by Benjamin Fry When Benjamin Fry, a father of five, had a mental breakdown his skills as a psychotherapist were of no use. He explains how he recovered. One cold November morning in 2009 I woke, as usual, in the dark, shaking. I lay there, exhausted, trying in vain to talk myself out of my […]

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