New Therapist Position Available

Khiron House is recruiting for a Primary Therapist for its residential clinic near Wantage in Oxfordshire.

This is a full-time position for a qualified practitioner with experience and training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and/or Somatic Experiencing.

You will be an experienced, self-managing, mature professional with great communication skills, personal ethics and self-care, and willing and able to work as a cooperative member of a team.

Your annual compensation will be around £40,000 depending on a bonus element of pay.

If you are interested in this position please write to and enclose the following information:

  • 300 words on why you want this position
  • a brief summary on your professional and personal experience with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and/or Somatic Experiencing
  • a brief summary of your other relevant professional experience and trainings
  • an indication of when you could start full-time work
  • a CV



  1. Comment by Katie Gettins on


    I am a newly qualified Art Psychotherapist with an interest in trauma work and wondered if you are still interested in psychotherapists working at Khiron house.

    Best Wishes

    Katie Gettins

    1. Reply by Benjamin Fry on

      Please do get in touch. We always like to hear from people interested in working with us.

  2. Comment by Sandy Strallen on

    I clocked in 40 years teaching dance and yoga about a year ago and still feel well enough to share the insights movement provides, particularly from a psychosomatic perspective.
    In zenbulls, simply put, you move, you breath, you gradually learn to adopt a psychosomatic framework from which you as participant can restructure your own mind.
    Movement of a simple and structured form, pioneered by ancient thinkers with the luxury of having to do do nothing else but just be, with beauty and order in the mind.
    I would be most interested to know if this approach offers Khiron House something of value?
    Sandy Strallen

    1. Reply by Benjamin Fry on

      We are always looking to develop our service. Please email us at

  3. Comment by Kathy Osborne on

    Thanks for letting me know. I will send something over next week.

  4. Comment by Kathy Osborne on

    Are you still recruiting for the psychotherapist’s position? I’ve just found it and would like to apply but it seems to have been posted a long time ago.

    1. Reply by Benjamin Fry on

      We are always interested in developing new talent.

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