The Reenactment of Trauma

Have you ever thought that you are doomed to be in one toxic relationship after another? Have you sometimes thought that kind, caring and stable people are just not exciting enough for you? These feelings and experiences may be because you have a history of childhood trauma. Many survivors of trauma allow themselves, often compulsively, […]

The Body’s Fight or Flight Response

The body responds to threat using a response called fight-or-flight. This is also known as the acute stress response. This terminology describes the body’s physiological reaction to something that is extremely physically or mentally frightening.

Why Consistent Boundaries are so Important for People Recovering from Trauma

Being able to set and understand boundaries is vital in recovery from trauma. Boundaries are what allow us to have a sense of who and what we are. They give us the ability to see how we differ from other people, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. They exist to protect us.

5 Alternative Ways You Can Celebrate New Year’s Without Drinking

5 Alternative Ways You Can Celebrate New Year’s Without Drinking

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration as we leave the past year behind and enter into a new year completely open with possibilities. While many people set up their New Year’s resolutions, drinking tends to occur alongside it and can even cause people to turn back on the very goals they just set […]