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Could Technology Be Taking A Toll on Your Holistic Health?

Could Technology Be Taking A Toll on Your Holistic Health?

We are a technology-driven society, there’s no doubt about it. Our cell phones, computers, televisions and more provide us with information that’s never been so easily accessible before. Our children are learning of technology at much earlier ages, and technical fields are becoming some of the most prosperous careers to be in. Technology allows us […]

New Therapist Position at Khiron House

There is a vacancy for a Full-time Primary Therapist position at the Khiron House residential programme near Wantage in Oxfordshire. Hours: 8-5 or 10-7 Monday to Friday Fees: £850 per week on a self-employed contract (negotiable based on clinical experience). The successful candidate will satisfy the following requirements: Degree in psychology or similar studies in […]

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Primary Therapist Job Vacancy

Company Overview Khiron Clinics provides treatment for people suffering from mental health and behavioural disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD at five different units to provide for the needs of a wide range of clients with varying severity of symptoms. These units include: Khiron House: a 10-bed residential clinic in North Oxfordshire Khiron Hospital: […]

New Therapist Position Available

Khiron House is recruiting for a Primary Therapist for its residential clinic near Wantage in Oxfordshire. This is a full-time position for a qualified practitioner with experience and training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and/or Somatic Experiencing. You will be an experienced, self-managing, mature professional with great communication skills, personal ethics and self-care, and willing and able […]

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Benefits Of Equine Therapy: Healing And Learning From Horses

by Penny Boreham Hopethruhorses Khiron House has a new partner, Jo Corfield’s Hopethruhorses, which is an established equine involvement facility in Oxfordshire. Residents at our Khiron House Clinic have been going and receiving benefits of equine therapy with Jo and her natural herd of eighteen horses during their stay with us. ‘Hopethruhorses’ is something of an […]

Dr Janina Fisher

Khiron House Advisory Board

Khiron House is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board.  The initial members of the Advisory Board will be Dr Janina Fisher and Mary McCallum Sullivan, who have both been involved with and supervising the development of Khiron House for some time, and our Medical Director and Executive Director, Dr Rex Haigh and […]

Rex Haigh

2014 Outcome Report

by Dr Rex Haigh, Medical Director Today we published our 2014 Outcome Report. You can download the report along with the reports for years 2013 and 2012 here: Khiron House Outcome Reports 2014-2012. These reports have been prepared from the clinic’s data by CORE who are one of the leading authorities on outcome testing and reporting. […]

Rex Haigh

Dr Rex Haigh appointed Medical Director

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director Our new Medical Director We are starting 2015 with incredible gratitude as we make the wonderful announcement of our new Medical Director. It is with the greatest respect and happiness that I introduce to you Dr Rex Haigh, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatry and 20-year veteran NHS […]

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Space To Heal – Khiron House’s Residential Clinic Moves to the Countryside

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director Space and Enabling Expansion Allowing space for where we are at and what we are feeling is often what the human system needs most. Space is like balm for the soul; enabling expansion. It is the opposite of overwhelm’s sense of “breath-less.” In trauma healing work, just being heard and […]

Intake Manager: Job Vacancy

by Penny Boreham, Intake Manager Exciting Job opportunity at Khiron House I am leaving Khiron House to pursue developing my craniosacral therapy practice. Although I will be sorry not to be seeing clients and colleagues here at Khiron House on a daily basis, and I am hugely grateful for everything that I have learned here, I am also looking forward to […]

Colleen DeRango meeting colleagues at the party

Therapists and practitioners gathering

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director My Delight At Meeting You What a delight it was for myself and our Khiron House team to meet with the practising clinicians, physicians, and speciality therapists last week. I still smile when I recall both events, looking around the room, seeing everyone talking and sharing interspersed with random bouts of […]

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Nurturing the Heart of the Healer

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director Taking care of those who take care of others I have repeatedly seen the powerful healing that clinicians’ facilitate, and view it as the energy of the heart combined with the passion of the soul and intellect of the mind. We can teach intellect but ‘heart and soul’ is something […]

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Informal Social Gathering In London

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director It would be my honour to meet you One of my passions is reaching out and collaborating with other therapists, clinicians and professionals. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you in person and hear about your philosophies and areas of expertise as well as exchange ideas. We have several future events planned in London to continue this dialogue, including […]

Benjamin Fry

New Management At Khiron House

by Benjamin Fry Taking A Step Back As we approach the 3rd anniversary of opening Khiron House on October 3rd 2014 I have had a wonderful opportunity to step out of the front-line delivery and management for three months over the summer. With some distance from the clinic I have been able to arrive at the […]

Benjamin Fry

Khiron House outcomes presentation for 2013

by Benjamin Fry It was really heart-warming to be able to welcome to our annual outcomes presentation this morning several ex-patients of Khiron House. Three of them had started treatment with us in the residential clinic and another out-patient. I was amazed to see how easily they took to talking to a room full of […]


Client Testimonial Breakfast – Jan 2013

Penny Boreham, Intake Manager We are so grateful to our former clients for participating in this event. We’d like you all to know how well they are doing. On January 31st 2012, we held a breakfast meeting to continue to explain our services to central London GP’s, therapists and psychiatrists with a short presentation from […]

Launch of Khiron House

by Benjamin Fry We are very proud to launch Khiron House today. The clinic opens on 26th September. Information has been sent to the members of Benjamin Fry’s mailing list including a special introductory offer for the first six clients. Sign up to our mailing list if you would like priority information in future. Khiron […]