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Why Is Insatiable A Problematic TV Series?

Why Is Insatiable A Problematic TV Series?

Netflix has had a difficult few years producing quality movies or TV series which portray mental illness and challenging topics regarding mental illness, in a safe way for viewers. Criticisms started after the release of 13 Reasons Why which depicted sexual assault, depression, and suicide in teenagers. Doctors warned against the series and advised parents […]

Digital Media Could Be Worsening ADHD In Children

Digital Media Could Be Worsening ADHD In Children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is seemingly a common diagnosis among children. Criticism has come against the over-diagnosing of children with ADHD, but the symptoms in children prevail. ADHD can manifest from a variety of origin issues, including parental problems, divorce, abuse in the home, and other traumas. Some research has linked hyperactivity in children to […]

Gina Ross

Somatic Experiencing Research Published

Gina Ross and her study team’s randomised controlled study of the effectiveness of SE for PTSD was recently published in the journal of Traumatic Stress. At Khiron House our second highest priority is to incubate research so that these important methods gain academic and professional acceptance more widely. Please read about this exciting outcome here.

John Bowlby (1907-1990)

The Origins of Attachment Theory: John Bowlby

by Penny Boreham Our Friends at The Philosopher’s Mail We came across this article in The Philosopher’s Mail and wanted to share it with you. The philosopher and writer, Alain de Botton, explores the extraordinary influence of the psychoanalyst, John Bowlby, whose ground breaking ideas led to a new perception about ‘attachment’ and how our early experiences of relationship continue […]

Khiron House Features In Craniosacral Therapy Association Journal – The Fulcrum

by Penny Boreham, Intake Manager Khiron House features in the latest edition of the Craniosacral Therapy Association’s journal – ‘The Fulcrum’ (edition 62). The article, written by Penny Boreham, our Intake Manager, was entitled “Working Through Trauma” and the journal made this the title and theme of the edition. Here is the text of the […]

Telegraph Photo

Telegraph Article: People like me don’t cry; we just carry on by Benjamin Fry

From The Telegraph’s Weekend section 1st March 2014 Therapist Benjamin Fry’s privileged upbringing left him ill-equipped for his own collapse. Now he shares the radical ideas that helped him to recover. A few years ago, I had a major breakdown and was admitted to a specialist psychiatric hospital in Arizona, where I stayed for four […]

Frozen Trauma article in YOU magazine for Mail on Sunday

Overwhelmed? Constantly over-reacting? More of us than we think are suffering from frozen trauma. By Benjamin Fry. Your life looks fine – even enviable – on the surface. But underneath you are more stressed and anxious than anyone realizes.

Dissociative Phenomena in the Everyday Lives of Trauma Survivors

by Benjamin Fry I came across this article recently explaining how interest in dissociation as a mental ability and a set of symptoms secondary to trauma, has revitalized in the last ten years following a one hundred year hiatus. Dissociative Phenomena in the everyday lives of trauma survivors If you would like a weekly email […]

Trauma is a Fact of Life … but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

by Benjamin Fry An article entitled ‘What is SE?’ written by the developer of Somatic Experiencing, Dr Peter A Levine PhD If you would like a weekly email about new posts on our blog please sign up for our mailing list in the box above right.     

Stuck in the trauma cycle; how to know you are there, and what to do to get out.

by Benjamin Fry Delighted that Addictions Today magazine decided to publish my article. It isn’t easy to read the colourful pdf so here’s the copy. It’s quite long but I hope you’ll find it interesting… Background I was in the grips of what would classically be called a nervous breakdown a few years ago, and […]

What is Somatic Experiencing?

by Benjamin Fry Visit my YouTube channel at to watch Dr Peter Levine explain Somatic Experiencing using a slinky! Benjamin Fry works across a range of services and media using personal, professional and scientific expertise to help people to a baggage-free life. A published author, and a past columnist for The Times and Psychologies magazine, Benjamin […]

How I lost my mind and found my soul

The story behind why Benjamin set up Khiron House

by Benjamin Fry When Benjamin Fry, a father of five, had a mental breakdown his skills as a psychotherapist were of no use. He explains how he recovered. One cold November morning in 2009 I woke, as usual, in the dark, shaking. I lay there, exhausted, trying in vain to talk myself out of my […]