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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder: Everything You Need to Know

Living with Schizoaffective Disorder: Everything You Need to Know

One person shared their experience with schizoaffective disorder on the main website for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Here is an excerpt from their story: “The aspects of my illness that affect my life the most are the constant shifts in mood, how I appear to the rest of the world and the knowledge […]

Why Is Insatiable A Problematic TV Series?

Why Is Insatiable A Problematic TV Series?

Netflix has had a difficult few years producing quality movies or TV series which portray mental illness and challenging topics regarding mental illness, in a safe way for viewers. Criticisms started after the release of 13 Reasons Why which depicted sexual assault, depression, and suicide in teenagers. Doctors warned against the series and advised parents […]

At Home In The Dark

At Home In The Dark: A Film About Trauma & PTSD

by Charles Shaw A film that gives people the courage to face their traumas and shows them ways others persevered. My name is Charles Shaw. I am the author of Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality, and the Director of the documentary film Edward James Olmos presents Exile Nation: The Plastic People. Post-Traumatic Stress […]

What’s it like to be an Imperfect Parent?

by Benjamin Fry News that David Cameron left his eight year old daughter, Nancy. in a country pub over the weekend got me thinking about what it’s like to be an ‘imperfect parent’. One of the interesting follow up stories from the Cameron’s leaving their daughter in the pub was that it prompted other parents […]

Attachment Parenting – What’s the Problem?

by Benjamin Fry An article in the Guardian this week asked why long-term breastfeeding and co-sleeping are parental practices that provoke strong reactions. Here are my thoughts… When we work with the nervous system (which we do because it affects both mental health and behaviours – so anxiety, depression, addiction, OCD etc.) we are effectively […]

"It’s like living in a storage facility" – Symptoms of hoarding and why people do it

by Benjamin Fry A recent article published in the Guardian discussed how Jasmine Harman’s mother’s obsession with hoarding was having a hugely negative impact on their lives… In trauma theory we work a great deal to manage the transition in the nervous system and in the body, from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic […]

Why would I like you more divorced?

by Benjamin Fry Maria and Simon Paxton recently declared in the Mail On-line that they were so much closer now they were divorced. How can this be? Jean-Paul Sartre famously said that “hell is other people”. Well there is no greater hell in another than a broken relationship. So why would a divorced couple get […]

Home is an emotional issue. And with good reason…

by Benjamin Fry Few things seem to ruffle Simon Cowell’s feathers, but his recent home invasion got to him. Home is the perfect metaphor for the intra-psychic search for somewhere in the body which feels safe. We live in topsy-turvy bodies which have lost the capacity to “regulate” themselves.  The complexity of the human system […]

It all comes down to money and sex…

by Benjamin Fry A comment on Twitter this week led me to the article in the Daily Mail headed “Who needs to talk when you look like that! Bikini-clad Kate Upton speaks just seven words in new ad to plug American satellite provider”. The connection with trauma? Well, once you understand the nervous system, you can […]

How infantile rage in an adult body can be deadly

by Benjamin Fry Fall out from disappointing relationships can take many forms. The sudden and violent nature of their reversal is a surprising phenomena and yet the oldest narrative of human society. But what drives this terrible dysfunction? A part of every relationship is an entry into fantasy. The more traumatized we have been in […]

I spent £10,000 to look like one of my barbies

by Benjamin Fry Recently I read in The Sun about Charlotte Hothman and her obsession with looking like one of her barbies. I was compelled to write… Much of the drama of life comes from the combination of two separate factors. Firstly we are all familiar with the experiences that confront us in what we […]

How a sweet addiction turned this man into a human donut…!

by Benjamin Fry One of the key legacies of untreated or unfinished trauma is that the body’s nervous system can become highly dysregulated. This makes for a very biologically uncomfortable place for us to live in. Spending time inside a body which is malfunctioning biologically can be unbearable. Therefore in order to be able to […]

How problems with binge drinking can be helped through trauma therapy

by Benjamin Fry I was reading this morning about Jane Smith and her ‘secret shame of being a binge drinking mother’ and I was struck by how often the word ‘shame’ is applied to the consequences of addictive behaviours. When we look at trauma theory we look at the body’s inability to complete the full […]

Why would a father blow up his house with his sons inside?

by Benjamin Fry I read an article in The Times today and wondered what it must be like for fathers to be separated from their children and why is it often so painful and so difficult? One of the things that we all do as parents with our children, and that we’ve all experienced from […]