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Rex Haigh

Dr Rex Haigh appointed Medical Director

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director Our new Medical Director We are starting 2015 with incredible gratitude as we make the wonderful announcement of our new Medical Director. It is with the greatest respect and happiness that I introduce to you Dr Rex Haigh, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatry and 20-year veteran NHS […]


The Value Of Collaboration

By Colleen DeRango, Executive Director A relational approach Today we announced the appointment of our Medical Director, Dr Rex Haigh. Meeting with Dr Haigh and his team felt like experiencing ‘goodness of fit.’ His background, knowledge and ability to collaborate was evident in his communication style within his team and between us, exemplifying value and […]

Khiron House residential clinic

Space To Heal – Khiron House’s Residential Clinic Moves to the Countryside

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director Space and Enabling Expansion Allowing space for where we are at and what we are feeling is often what the human system needs most. Space is like balm for the soul; enabling expansion. It is the opposite of overwhelm’s sense of “breath-less.” In trauma healing work, just being heard and […]

Colleen DeRango

Nurturing the Heart of the Healer

by Colleen DeRango, Executive Director Taking care of those who take care of others I have repeatedly seen the powerful healing that clinicians’ facilitate, and view it as the energy of the heart combined with the passion of the soul and intellect of the mind. We can teach intellect but ‘heart and soul’ is something […]