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Benjamin Fry

Five years of gratitude… my journey home

by Benjamin Fry The power of coincidence Five years ago today I woke up and knew that I had come to the end of my capacity to tolerate any more pain. I wanted to die. That morning I faced a crossroad in my journey: turn left for death; turn right for life, more pain, uncertain […]

Benjamin Fry

Khiron House outcomes presentation for 2013

by Benjamin Fry It was really heart-warming to be able to welcome to our annual outcomes presentation this morning several ex-patients of Khiron House. Three of them had started treatment with us in the residential clinic and another out-patient. I was amazed to see how easily they took to talking to a room full of […]

Horris Hill

Denied The Chance To Love: Examples Of Abuse In British Boarding Schools

By Benjamin Fry There has been a huge response in the press to the journalist Alex Renton’s courageous article about examples of abuse in british boarding schools, which you can read here: Abuse in British boarding schools – why I had to confront my demons He was writing about his experiences at Ashdown Prep School and […]

How I F***ed Up My Life...

The agony of self disclosure by Benjamin Fry

by Benjamin Fry I write quite openly in the press sometimes about my experiences of being unwell and in treatment. People ask me why I expose myself so much. They think that it is a little odd, something they would not do. Added to that, I am a psychotherapist, so they wonder if it would […]

Colleen Derango

My journey Into The Desert With Somatic Equine Therapy – Part Two

by Benjamin Fry I arrived at this workshop sick of therapy. I run a mental health service, work with therapists, deliver therapy and have a therapist! Sometimes I have disagreements with all of them, including myself, and so I got to Arizona in a state of slight burn-out, wondering why I had taken leisure time […]

Somatic Equine Therapy

My journey Into The Desert With Somatic Equine Therapy – Part One

By Benjamin Fry Last week I went to Arizona to spend a week on a ranch with a somatic therapist and a horse whisperer. Since I don’t really like horses and have not been on one for 30 years, this was somewhat of a leap of faith. The workshop was led by Colleen Derango, the […]

Telegraph Photo

Telegraph Article: People like me don’t cry; we just carry on by Benjamin Fry

From The Telegraph’s Weekend section 1st March 2014 Therapist Benjamin Fry’s privileged upbringing left him ill-equipped for his own collapse. Now he shares the radical ideas that helped him to recover. A few years ago, I had a major breakdown and was admitted to a specialist psychiatric hospital in Arizona, where I stayed for four […]

How I F***ed Up My Life...

Benjamin Fry writes about the personal torment that led to the birth of Khiron House

by Penny Boreham, Intake Manager Benjamin Fry’s new book “How I F***Ed Up My Life And Made It Mean Something”, is to be published next month. It is a searingly honest and deeply personal account of Benjamin’s nervous breakdown and his journey to find a treatment that could actually help him. It took him across […]

Frozen Trauma article in YOU magazine for Mail on Sunday

Overwhelmed? Constantly over-reacting? More of us than we think are suffering from frozen trauma. By Benjamin Fry. Your life looks fine – even enviable – on the surface. But underneath you are more stressed and anxious than anyone realizes.

Stuck in the trauma cycle; how to know you are there, and what to do to get out.

by Benjamin Fry Delighted that Addictions Today magazine decided to publish my article. It isn’t easy to read the colourful pdf so here’s the copy. It’s quite long but I hope you’ll find it interesting… Background I was in the grips of what would classically be called a nervous breakdown a few years ago, and […]

How I lost my mind and found my soul

The story behind why Benjamin set up Khiron House

by Benjamin Fry When Benjamin Fry, a father of five, had a mental breakdown his skills as a psychotherapist were of no use. He explains how he recovered. One cold November morning in 2009 I woke, as usual, in the dark, shaking. I lay there, exhausted, trying in vain to talk myself out of my […]