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Inspiration and Reflection Part Two

by Penny Boreham In this series of blogs, members of staff at Khiron House are choosing and sharing the words of an inspiring thinker/writer/practitioner who has made an impact on them and encouraged them to reflect more deeply on the work they do. Today one of our practitioners, Vijay Rana, who is a psychotherapist, somatic […]

The Original Matrix: finding our way back to a state of balance

by Penny Boreham “In healing work this is a critical point to understand – no matter how desperate the situation, the information of the whole, its inherent ordering principle, or blueprint, is still available in each part.  The blueprint of health is thus present in each part and is still available if it can be […]

Dr Janina Fisher

Khiron House Advisory Board

Khiron House is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board.  The initial members of the Advisory Board will be Dr Janina Fisher and Mary McCallum Sullivan, who have both been involved with and supervising the development of Khiron House for some time, and our Medical Director and Executive Director, Dr Rex Haigh and […]