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Khiron House Features In Craniosacral Therapy Association Journal – The Fulcrum

by Penny Boreham, Intake Manager Khiron House features in the latest edition of the Craniosacral Therapy Association’s journal – ‘The Fulcrum’ (edition 62). The article, written by Penny Boreham, our Intake Manager, was entitled “Working Through Trauma” and the journal made this the title and theme of the edition. Here is the text of the […]

Benjamin Fry

Khiron House outcomes presentation for 2013

by Benjamin Fry It was really heart-warming to be able to welcome to our annual outcomes presentation this morning several ex-patients of Khiron House. Three of them had started treatment with us in the residential clinic and another out-patient. I was amazed to see how easily they took to talking to a room full of […]