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William Reich

The client’s history walks in with him: Character strategies

by Penny Boreham, Intake Manager In our last “Inspiration and Reflection” blog our clinical director, Dr Charles Hallings-Pott, referred to the ‘Character Strategies’ developed by the founder of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Pat Ogden. Dr Hallings-Pott described them as “the strategies we construct around the childhood wounds we have experienced”. Over the next few weeks we will […]

Journey into Stillness Workshop

by Colleen DeRango A New Year Retreat-Dec 30th 2014 to Jan 2nd 2015 My sense is that the picture on the right “is worth a thousand words;” and much aligned with the eloquent description of this unique workshop… “embodied experience”, “magical” and “transformative.” This is how the organisers describe the workshop: “In the beauty of the Sussex […]

How I F***ed Up My Life...

The agony of self disclosure by Benjamin Fry

by Benjamin Fry I write quite openly in the press sometimes about my experiences of being unwell and in treatment. People ask me why I expose myself so much. They think that it is a little odd, something they would not do. Added to that, I am a psychotherapist, so they wonder if it would […]

Anodea Judith

Inspiration and Reflection: Part Four

by Penny Boreham, Intake Manger In this series of blogs – Inspiration and Reflection, members of staff at Khiron House are choosing and sharing the words of an inspiring thinker/writer/practitioner who has made an impact on them and encouraged them to reflect more deeply on the work they do. Today our Clinical Director, Dr Charles […]