Our Trauma Clinics

Your Global Local Clinic

We will pay for your travel to Khiron House from your local international airport. We can’t get to everywhere but we can bring everyone to us.

We have treated clients from seventeen different countries in over six years of operation and have had positive experiences with international insurers.

Residential and Outpatient Care

In our clinics we look through the lens of trauma to treat common mental health problems and behavioural disorders, which can lead to self-harming, addictions, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Our Khiron House treatment protocol is a synthesis of the latest methodologies available for treating trauma. New research on trauma and the brain guides our treatment protocol, and the combination is highly effective in restoring nervous system regulation.

  • Residential Clinic

    Khiron House

    Khiron House Recovery Clinic. Our dedicated facility is a spacious ten-bed residential (inpatient) clinic in the Oxfordshire countryside with excellent treatment facilities.

    It offers an open ended extended care programme for clients recovering from a variety of emotional and psychological trauma related disorders, which may lead to self-medicating practices such as self-harming, addiction, depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

    The 60-day-plus programme ensures that clients have sufficient time and support to gain new insight and understanding into their painful and disabling experiences of trauma, to heal this trauma, and to develop and practice new coping skills.

  • Halfway House

    Khiron Cottage

    At Khiron Cottage residents live independently and access the full Khiron House residential programme daily. It is a charming residence in a rural Oxfordshire village with 24/7 support a short walk away.

    Khiron Cottage residents live fully independent lives. There are many fewer rules and restrictions than in the main clinic reflecting that these clients have progressed to a self-managing state in their recovery.

    Some people use Khiron Cottage as a step-down facility while preparing to leave our own residential treatment. Others come here for a transition from other programmes or to access our full programme with fewer restrictions.

  • Outpatient Clinic

    Harley Street

    Khiron House Outpatient Clinic. In our outpatient clinic in Harley Street, London, England we offer one-to-one therapy with our trauma healing specialist and also offer evening group therapy sessions.

    We offer ad-hoc treatment sessions as well as a defined 10 week trauma reduction programme, which can be repeated as necessary, and incorporates one-to-one sessions and access to all the recovery groups available at the London clinic.

    Our outpatient clinic provides flexible options,where clients may choose to focus on ad-hoc one-to-one sessions without the group work, or only attend the recovery groups.

  • Recovery Groups

    healing groups

    We run evening out-patient groups at our outpatient clinic in Harley Street.

    Just as one of the cornerstones of our clinical work in our residential setting programme is the group dynamic, we also find that trauma healing support groups are an invaluable part of what we offer at our outpatient clinic in Harley Street, London. We offer these groups, which incorporate Mindfulness, Boundary work and Somatic Experiencing..

    Clients can explore trauma reduction techniques in this group setting, and experience the beneficial effect of group dynamics including boundary work, via communication skill-building. They are effective as a way to supplement individual work in personal recovery. Some clients also choose to attend groups without participating in one-to-one therapy.