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Trauma is a Fact of Life … but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

by Benjamin Fry An article entitled ‘What is SE?’ written by the developer of Somatic Experiencing, Dr Peter A Levine PhD http://www.somaticexperiencing.com/peter-levine.html If you would like a weekly email about new posts on our blog please sign up for our mailing list in the box above right.     

What’s it like to be an Imperfect Parent?

by Benjamin Fry News that David Cameron left his eight year old daughter, Nancy. in a country pub over the weekend got me thinking about what it’s like to be an ‘imperfect parent’. One of the interesting follow up stories from the Cameron’s leaving their daughter in the pub was that it prompted other parents […]

Attachment Parenting – What’s the Problem?

by Benjamin Fry An article in the Guardian this week asked why long-term breastfeeding and co-sleeping are parental practices that provoke strong reactions. Here are my thoughts… When we work with the nervous system (which we do because it affects both mental health and behaviours – so anxiety, depression, addiction, OCD etc.) we are effectively […]

"It’s like living in a storage facility" – Symptoms of hoarding and why people do it

by Benjamin Fry A recent article published in the Guardian discussed how Jasmine Harman’s mother’s obsession with hoarding was having a hugely negative impact on their lives… In trauma theory we work a great deal to manage the transition in the nervous system and in the body, from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic […]

Why would I like you more divorced?

by Benjamin Fry Maria and Simon Paxton recently declared in the Mail On-line that they were so much closer now they were divorced. How can this be? Jean-Paul Sartre famously said that “hell is other people”. Well there is no greater hell in another than a broken relationship. So why would a divorced couple get […]

Home is an emotional issue. And with good reason…

by Benjamin Fry Few things seem to ruffle Simon Cowell’s feathers, but his recent home invasion got to him. Home is the perfect metaphor for the intra-psychic search for somewhere in the body which feels safe. We live in topsy-turvy bodies which have lost the capacity to “regulate” themselves.  The complexity of the human system […]

It all comes down to money and sex…

by Benjamin Fry A comment on Twitter this week led me to the article in the Daily Mail headed “Who needs to talk when you look like that! Bikini-clad Kate Upton speaks just seven words in new ad to plug American satellite provider”. The connection with trauma? Well, once you understand the nervous system, you can […]

Stuck in the trauma cycle; how to know you are there, and what to do to get out.

by Benjamin Fry Delighted that Addictions Today magazine decided to publish my article. It isn’t easy to read the colourful pdf so here’s the copy. It’s quite long but I hope you’ll find it interesting… Background I was in the grips of what would classically be called a nervous breakdown a few years ago, and […]

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